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The Maids of Ft. Worth

The Best Maid Service or House Cleaning Services in Ft. Worth

The Maids of Ft. Worth has the dedication to professional quality service with high standards for you. Because of that, we commit ourselves to a dedication in excellence and providing you the best service possible in the Ft. Worth area. We continue to provide the perfect maids services. We are always improving on our already high standards and providing the best value for our services.

Our company is trustworthy, which is one of the important elements in hiring a maid service. After all, your selection of maid service will be in your home. Where we bring trust, we also bring first class cleaning, which separates us from others.

The Maids of Ft. Worth requires all our employees to go through rigorous training, regardless of experience or talent. We also screen all our employees, no matter what position, so that you can relax and know that we are reputable and will get the job done right. In order to provide superior maid service, our employees need to be on the same page and also need to understand how to perform to the better of their ability, both individually and as a team.

Our trusted, exceptional house cleaning services are more than just regular, ordinary services. We stand out from the crowd and take the extra step. We ensure our team is happy because a team will only provide great performance and results and will ensure consistent performance across the board, everywhere and every day. That means you will know that you are getting great results from a great team, not subpar performance or unfinished work.

Benefits of using The Maids of Ft. Worth include:

  • Four-person professionally trained teams with a supervisor, providing superior cleaning results and services
  • Completion of a rigorous, 22-step Healthy Touch® Deep Cleaning System, providing thorough, exceptional house cleaning service
  • A healthier home with our specially designed back pack vacuums, containing HEPA filtration that captures 99 percent of all dust, allergens, particles, and other pollutants
  • Environmentally safe and friendly cleaning products, providing a safer home in your environment, instead of hazardous chemicals
  • Complete, thorough, and professional results that take care of the smallest, finest details like toilet seat hinges

Our customers request our services for many reasons and no reason is a bad one! Some may be too busy to keep up. Some may not have the time to go into detail. Some may be stressed out. Some may just not desire doing the cleaning. Some may be going away for a while. Some may just want some time for themselves. Regardless of any reason and we don’t ask; if you desire maid services, we will provide it! But we will provide it exceptionally and extensively, unlike other companies where the employees are just unhappy workers doing the minimum that it takes to make a buck.

There is no competition when it comes to cleaning service from The Maids of Ft. Worth. Our extensive cleaning services, including the 22-step Healthy Touch® Deep Cleaning System, bring amazing results and a happy, satisfied customer, namely you!