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The Maids of Ft. Worth is always looking to expand their community impact by associating themselves with other organizations, associations and chambers of commerce.  Below are various sites that we are proud to be associated with, be sure to visit them for important community events and information.


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The Maids

The Maids is a tight knit community of proud business owners all over the country and we are proud to be part of that community.  The following is a few The Maids website that we think you'd be interested in visiting.

The Maids North Andover - The franchise was purchased back in 1995 by John Caiaiti because it was already an established house cleaning service in North Andover area. John and his team have built upon this franchise and turned into one of the best The Maids franchise in their area.  John has a simple philosophy: Hire good people who also happen to be nice, train and certify them as professional cleaners, give them the best equipment to do the job right and then have them provide great service to their customers.

The Maids Raleigh- Let the team of the maid service in Raleigh show you why the are one of the most referred cleanig service in town.

The Maids New Hampshire - Since 1989, we have had the privilege of serving the greater Seacoast of New Hampshire, Southern Maine, and the Greater Newburyport Area of Massachusetts. Throughout the years, we have grown our business on making our organization a fun, stable and rewarding experience for our employees and it shows in the quality of the work we provide to our customers. On July 1st of 2009, we became the new owners of The Maids serving the Greater Manchester Area ~ this growth enables our office to cover over 60 communities regularly! Visit The Maids New Hampshire

The Maids Bethlehem - This Pennsylvanya based franchise is one of the leading house cleaning service in the Greater Lehigh Valley. Their team brings years of experience in customer services. They know what it takes to make houses clean and clients happy.